The importance of online channels rises across the world

Both emerging and developed markets saw a rise in the importance of online channels in 2013. More than one in six diamond jewellery purchases in the US were made online in 2013, a growth of over 30 per cent since 2011. Going online also remains the most popular way for consumers to research a purchase in the US. Almost four in 10 consumers go online for research purposes before buying, ahead of other touch-points such as jewellery stores and advertisements.

Although online is not yet a significant sales channel in China, the internet is already used by a quarter of acquirers for different purposes, such as to learn about fine jewellery quality and prices, to learn about brands, and to pre-select designs. The internet is used more frequently in the diamond purchase process by single women, half of whom use it, and also by affluent consumers, about six in 10 of whom research online.

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